Cividale del Friuli

36th Edition - 2023


Once again for 2023, the Cividale del Friuli Masterclasses will offer teachers of the highest level.

Despite the absence for a beautiful reason of Daniel Rowland and Maja Bogdanovic, whose second daughter will see the light in the first days of August, the courses feature an oustanding teaching team.


There are many new features in it. Let's start with one of the best pianists of the new generation: Anna Geniushena, who, after succeses in competitions such as van Cliburun and Busoni, is continuing her high-level concert and teaching career. Then a second flute teacher, Alice Morzenti, who joins the super-confirmed Marco Zoni, and Dario Zingales, a new clarinet professor who comes from the Salzburg Mozarteum, who joins the Americans Caroline Hartig and Nicola Bulfone. For the first time in Cividale del Friuli Maria Cleofe Miotti on mandolin, Mi-Sa Yang and Tatiana Samouil on violin, Gabriele Ragghianti on double bass, Asdos ValdimarsdottirPeter Langgartner on viola and chamber music, and also Paolo Andriotti on cello. In addition other important confirmations or returns such as Aleksandar Serdar and Claudio Trovajoli on piano, Dana Zemtsov on viola, Aylen Pritchin on violin, Alberto Mesirca on guitar, Julian Arp on cello, Marcelo Nisinman on bandoneon.


So let's cross our fingers for another very special edition, Cividale del Friuli awaits you with its historical beauties, its wonderful river and its food and wine excellences!




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