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Active for over ten years, the Association Musicale Sergio Gaggia, is the only chamber of FVG association to be invited twice to the Concerts of the Quirinale (2010, 2013), broadcast live for the third radio network RAI and Euroradio.

Among the very few associations still considered of regional interest in the latest financial, it stood out for the production of shows that have already visited 4 continents, with collaborations with some of the most important European chamber music festival, including the Casals (France), Kuhmo ( Finland).

Among the productions we mention the operation Pantomime Reborn, music reconstruction with commedia dell'arte specially commissioned from Quirino Prince of KV 446 by Mozart, major work came to us highly incomplete and the sensational discovery, with many publishing outcomes and recording, the composer and ethnomusicologist Ella von Schultz Adaiewsky.

The Gaggia in 2011 has created a memorable five days with the legendary violinist Ivry Gitlis, UNESCO ambassador.

Various musical moments of the event are available on Youtube, currently with nearly 80,000 visits. Trevor Pinnock, the global benchmark for baroque music, gave a concert to mark the tenth anniversary of the death of his close friend Sergio Gaggia. Its format Enoarmonie, synaesthesia between music and wine with the presence of some of the most important Italian musicologists, has earned numerous attempts at imitation throughout Italy.

The Cividalese Association has also worked repeatedly with the highest Finnish cultural institutions, earning the official approval of their respective ambassadors. He has made for Udinese Association near / far his last edition of Fuorirotta. by Radio3 Suite, the cultural insert of Il Sole 24 Ore and Alias ​​(Il Manifesto), from 'Index Books of the Month (La Stampa) and music monthly Amadeus large spaces were often dedicated to his projects from national channels RAI, and Music.

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