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Tuition & fees


Application Fee - the same for all courses and seminars € 60.00

N.B. Application Fee must be paid to "the Gaggia bank account" at the time of registration


Rate of Attendance:


Piano (B.Fedorov & T. Abaieva, A. Geniushene, C. Trovajoli, A. Hewitt)

Flute (M. Zoni, A.Morzenti)

Viola (D. Zemtsov, P. Langgartner)

Violin (M. Yang, A. Pritchin, F. Le Coultre & T. Brackman, T. Samouil)

Organ (M.Tomadin)

Bandoneon (M. Nisinman)

Clarinet (C. Harting & N. Bulfone, D. Zingales)

Mandolin (M. Cleofe Miotti)

Guitar (A. Mesirca)

Cello (P. Andriotti)

Double bass (G. Ragghianti)



Cello (J. Arp, C. A. Archambault)



Bassoons (V. Zucchiatti)

Accordeon (C. Rojac)

Viola and chamber music, for member (A. Valdimarsdòttir)


250€ Piano and chamber music (A. Serdar)  


€ 150Chamber groups - trio and beyond - (for member)

€ 200Chamber music for duo (for member)


Listener fee € 60

All payments must be made as follows:

Bank transfer to Banca di Cividale S.p.A. c / c 025570381292 payable to:

Musical Association "Sergio Gaggia" IBAN code: IT 43U05484 63740CC0250381292 oppure IT 89A0548463740000000381292