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Tuition & fees


Application Fee - the same for all courses and seminars € 60.00

N.B. Application Fee must be paid to "the Gaggia bank account" at the time of registration


Rate of Attendance:


Accordion course (C. Rojac), Flute (G. Di Giorgi), Violin
workshop (C. Grandi), Mandolin (C. Aonzo)

€ 250


Guitar course (A. Mesirca) and Clarinet course (Hartig,
Bulfone, Saracca)

€ 270


Piano course (N. Kudritskaya)(A. Fedorova)(A. Hewitt)(B.
Fedorov e T. Abaieva), Flute (M. Zoni), Cello (J. Arp) (T.

Carrol)(M. Bogdanovic), Viola (D. Zemtsov)(Y. Gotlibovich),

double bass (N. Schwartz), (Z. Markovic), Violin (R. Castro)

(A. Pritchin)(S. Paidassi), Organ (Manuel Tomadin),

Harpsichord-Oboe-Bandoneon (M. Nisinman), Oboe (Matej


€ 300


Violin course (D. Rowland, F. le Coultre)
€ 350


Violin Course (S. Marcovici)
€ 400


Classical guitar course for children (A. Tagliariol, G.
Pizzolongo) and Bassoon course (V. Zucchiatti)

€ 200


Chamber groups - trio and beyond - (for member)
€ 150


Chamber music for duo (for member)
€ 180


Listener fee € 60

All payments must be made as follows:

Bank transfer to Banca di Cividale S.p.A. c / c 025570381292 payable to:

Musical Association "Sergio Gaggia" IBAN code: IT 43U05484 63740CC0250381292