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Gadjiev Siavush

  Musical instrument: Piano


The pianist Siavush Gadjiev completed his musical education at the Tchaikovsky Conservatory in Moscow as a student of famous teachers such as Bella Davidovich and Boris Zemliansky. At the Moscow Conservatory he also obtained the Master of Music degree (“Course of Interpretation”) and was invited to teach in the prestigious Central Special Music School of the Moscow Conservatory, intended to train the most musically gifted pupils from the ex. Soviet Union as well as from Japan, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Korea, United States. He taught many higly talented pupils, amongst whomthere to be winners of the Tchaikovsky competition, Axa Dublin, Schumann, Casagrande, Premio Venezia and other competitions. Gadjiev develops and educational activity running master classes, seminars and thematic lectures-concerts in Russia, Slovenia, Croatia, Germany, Italy, with the particular emphasize on the specific courses of interpretation of Mozart and Beethoven, also leads special classes for the future pedagogues. Siavush Gadjiev has held recitals in many cites of the ex-Soviet Union, Germany, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and the USA. He has olso perfomed with major orchestras and in chamber music with distinguished Europian musicians. He is a member of the “Ljubljana piano Trio”. The musician is the Artistic Director of the “Giuliano Pecar” International Piano Competition.

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